The main objective of this work package is;

  • To ensure realisation of the project goals with the required technical and financial quality level and timing.
  • To ensure an effective, efficient and expeditious management of the resources, as well as efficient communication with all partners and with European Commission, providing on time all deliverables and reports.
  • To perform the overall management of the project and coordination among the different WPs.
  • To establish the communication flow and methods for reporting, monitoring and quality assurance, including innovation management and ethics management.
  • To coordinate the reporting to the European Commission and to manage the knowledge and intellectual property rights.
  • To encourage networking with other related projects and to promote gender equality.
  • To develop measures for avoiding risk plans regarding financial, legal, administrative and technical co-ordination for overcoming potential risks and to establish contingency plans if needed.

Work package leader

Aitor Barrio –

Aitor, project coordinator of Rehap, is a research scientist in the Sustainable Construction Division of Tecnalia. His career began with a PhD in Organic Chemistry (2007) before joining Tecnalia where we spent three years in the fire laboratory before becoming responsible for the R&D Fire Laboratory where his main focus is researching the improvement of the fire behaviour in biobased materials for the building sector. He has published over 10 scientific papers, presented at countless international conferences and workshops and directed a PhD thesis based on how flammable polyurethanes are. Aitor is also a member of EU’s COST action, Fire Safety for Green Buildings.