The objectives of this work package are;

  • Define a set of key performance indicators (KPI) for the environmental, social and economic impact evaluation of the REHAP processes.
  • Carry out market analysis of competitive materials and products on the market
  • Manage the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Life Cycle Costing (LCC) and Social Life Cycle Assessment for the different technologies
  • Perform integrated environmental, economic and social assessment of the REHAP biobased building panel
  • Lead resource efficiency studies for further processes optimisation



Market analysis of Rehap products – report is being finalised
Resource efficiency analysis of the benchmark processes – due Autumn 2018

Work package leader

Mattia Comotto -

Mattia Comotto has a PhD in Chemical, Materials and Process Engineering from the University of Genova with a thesis focused on biomaterials for biomedical application. He has experience in green chemistry, biomaterials and nanomaterials for food, biomedical, drug delivery and catalytic applications. Comotto joined the research and development unit at Rina Consulting in May 2016 and has been working on different R&I European co-funded projects in the field of biobased and circular economy and sustainability.