The objectives of this work package are;

  • Work on the validation of the developed bioproducts in the previous WPs by their application for construction of industrialised composite for green buildings.
  • Develop a prototype by merging all the products (Wooden panel/BioPUR insulation/ Green Concrete and BioPU adhesive).
  • A bench-scale Green House demonstrator will be constructed, in FINSA Group facilities, to demonstrate the feasibility, scalability and applicability of the composite material.

Work package leader

Amaia Aramburu -

Amaia Aramburu, MSc mechanical engineer, has more than 19 years’ experience in RTD. She is the coordinator and project manager in national and European projects on development and performance optimisation of high performance architecture, sustainable structural systems and industrialised buildings. An expert in mechanical design, Amaia has an important background in the design and analysis of mechanisms for the design of facades and structural glass systems and have been involved in Tecnalia’s technical research in several European projects.