The main objective of this work package is;

To develop specific binders/formulations prepared to produce four construction solutions:

  • A wooden panel
  • A BioPUR insulation foam
  • Superplasticisers for cement
  • BioPU adhesive for composites

Work package leader 

Martin Mosquet -

Martin has been the industrial R&D at LafargeHolcim for 30 years. Before that he completed his PhD in Organic Chemistry in 1994 in France to go on to lead R&D at Chryso SAS, the admixture subsidiary of Lafarge. From here he worked his way up within Lafarge, joining the central research lab as head of the additive department, and then joining the scientific directorate as an expert in chemical additives to get him where he is now. He has an impressive resume of over 20 journals and papers, 30 patents, and has been the principle supervisor for 12 PhD students and a thesis juror. Specialises in: cement hydration, fresh concrete properties, alternative binders, cement modification.