The main objective of this work package is;

  • To develop, validate and up-scale products suitable for application in the targeted final products (superplasticisers for cement, BioPU monomers for PU adhesives, BioNiPus for PUR foams and Bioresins (Tannins and Lignin) for wooden panels production) by modification of the intermediates purified in WP2.


Foresa, a producer of formaldehyde and resins, is currently carrying out laboratory tests with tannin sample sent by VTT. WP2 recently scaled-up the hot water extraction of tannin from softwood bark and this tannin solution was sent to Foresa for further modification.

Working with BBEPP and Foresa, these boards have been tested following quality control assurances of the resins to make sure they do not include any type of additive or catalyst. The next stage was to optimise the process for example, the quantity of glue, catalyst and additives in the board, and the time and temperature of the press.

Once all the processes have been defined, Foresa will manufacture thousands of wooden panels before they are validated to be applied for construction of industrialised composite for green buildings.


Poster - "Creating novel materials from agricultural and forestry waste"

Work package leader 

Amaia Butron -

Amaia is a senior researcher in the Sustainable Construction Division of Tecnalia and associated professor in the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of the Basque Country, Spain. She has a PhD in Chemical Physics and Macromolecules and has been in charge of the Natural Chemical Laboratory. Her specialities lie in: wood preservation, insecticides and obtaining of bio-based molecules.