The Process Industry Conference is a SPIRE mid-term policy event and will be taking place on 19 September 2017 in Brussels to discuss and showcase some of the exciting projects ongoing with SPIRE.

The event will be dedicated to picturing the future EU Process Industry and what can be implemented if appropriate investments are met.

The event is open to all interested stakeholders and will include a number of interesting lectures from industry led experts on the topic of ‘A look to the future’. After a lunch of networking, the afternoon will be jam-packed with compelling short five to six minute pitches from SPIRE projects.

Under three parallel projects’ sessions, projects will give a short overview of how they are tackling and solving EU and SPIRE needs, and how the project will be able to bridge needs to solutions. The three sessions are:

  1. Modelling and integrated process control; Process optimisation
  2. Valorisation of different energy sources; Adaptable processes using alternative feedstock
  3. Waste to resource; Industrial symbiosis; Water; Business models

The audience will have the opportunity to vote for their most favoured project on the basis of the projects ‘look to the future: to what extent did the project’s presentation make you dream about the future?’, and ‘creativity: which picture and slogan was more appealing?’.

Two additional days, 20 and 21 September, dedicated to thematic sessions and a brokerage event will be hosted for A.SPIRE members only.

Registration is now open.

For more information visit SPIRE website.