The 2019 World Resources Forum, ‘Closing Loops – Transitions at work’ will be taking place on February 24-27 in Antwerp, Belgium, and Rehap have been invited to speak during one of the interactive deep-dive sessions, on the progress and results of the project towards a better bio-economy.

For 2019, the World Resources Forum is focused on closing resource loops and putting a circular economy in practice in order to help achieve the Agenda 2030 commitments. Thematic ‘Global Sessions’, with inspiring voices from leading experts will set the scene on key topics, as well as networking events and site visits to foster debate and discussion.

Rehap have been invited to speak as part of BBEPP’s session, Taste and feel the bio-economy - An aperitif, an appetizer? Curious about innovative, biobased materials and products entering the market as we speak? We created a circular bio-economy mood board for you! Come to ‘taste and feel’ the transition at work. We present several concrete real-world examples from different sectors, illustrating tasty and creative solutions for a genuine circular bio-economy.

The session will be taking place on the Tuesday of the three-day forum at 15:30 – 17:00 in the Flanders Meeting & Convention Centre. Aitor Barrio, Rehap project coordinator, will be presenting the most recent results of the project, alongside other speakers from various projects looking at issues of the bio-economy.

For more information on World Resources Forum, visit the website.