The Resource Lab at the University of Augsburg have just published Rehap’s first scientific project paper in the Journal of Cleaner Production.

The paper, “Assessment of agroforestry residue potentials for the bioeconomy in the European Union”, was written by a team of four from the Resource Lab at the University of Augsburg: Andrea Thorenz, Lars Wietschel, Dennis Stindt and Axel Tuma.

Accepted at the end of 2017, the paper extends the work of existing EU papers and studies the forecasting of arisings across the EU and how suitable these agroforestry residues are for transforming into high added-value products for the green building sector.

The team revealed some interesting results on which residue in the EU is most important for both the agricultural and forestry sectors, as well as learning about other materials that are of importance for industrial use in the bioeconomy.

The paper concludes by drawing upon the potential barriers facing the use of EU agroforestry waste in the Rehap project due to changes to farming technologies, as well as changes to the availability of this waste due to other concepts such as second-generation biofuels competing for the feedstock, for example.

Read the complete paper here. The Journal of Cleaner Production will be published in March 2018.