The most recent partner meeting was hosted by RINA in Genova, Italy. Project partners came together to review the progress of actions set during the previous meeting in October and looked closely at results from specific studies in the valorisation of intermediates in high added-value products and preliminary LCA and LCC evaluations.

Dissemination partners, Insight Publishers commenced the meeting providing detail on the exploitation and communication of the on-going project developments and results. This included open discussions on the first Rehap webinar, a second workshop and the project’s place in IPL’s Projects Magazine on the energy efficiency industry.

RINA continued by explaining preliminary LCA and LCC studies on four main materials: Bio-PUR, wooden boards, green concrete and PU adhesives. A short LCA/LCC session was then held with partners to revise the value chains and set benchmarks of these materials.

The second day was opened by Lars Wietschel from UNIA who have published papers on feedstock price analysis and feedstock potential with another paper planned on further work on waste management.

Pieter Brabander from BBEPP elaborated on the lab trials for the planned upscaling of processes for the fermentation of 1,4-BDO and 2,3-BDO, before Rehap coordinator Aitor Barrio led detailed discussions with partners on the on-going research and developments in the valorisation of intermediates in the high added-value products. Partners were reminded to update the Risks table when completing their research.

To round off the meeting, Martin Mosquet introduced partners focused on the application of these products in the final construction elements (concrete, wooden panels, PU adhesives, insulation). LaFarage-Holcim, Foresa, Rampf and Collanti touched on their initial plans of this process for the next six months. In particular, the parameters for the tests that need to be done to develop these products.

The next meeting is proposed to take place in November, when the actions of the next six months will be reviewed. Location TBC.

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