Rehap will be attending the 8th Life Cycle Management Conference 2017 on the 3rd – 6th September in Luxembourg City, organised under the theme “Designing sustainable technologies, products and policies – from science to innovation.”

Lars Wietschel, PhD student from the University of Augsburg and recent attendee on the Mobile Flip workshop in Paris, along with Andrea Thorenz and Axel Tuma, will be presenting a poster at the LCM event. The poster entitled, ‘Raw material potential for biopolymers in Europe’ will be entered under the category “Raw material supply chains in light of life cycle economy”.

The poster explains some of the activity from the project’s work on waste management, as Lars explains, “The content is mainly about the waste from agriculture and forestry that is available in the European Union and testing which product has the most potential economically and environmentally.”

The poster breaks down into digestible sections the processes and materials that are available to help make substitutes for petrochemicals out of agroforestry waste that has no use in food, feed or industrial production. Diagrams explain a three-step approach to decide which agroforestry waste shows the largest potential - wheat straw, grain maize straw, barley straw, and rape straw.

Results from the four products tested using the three-step approach reveal that wheat straw is the most important agroforestry waste product, with the potential to be the most economic and offer the most environmentally-friendly replacement for petrochemicals. The poster concludes by drawing attention to the availability of these agroforestry products in Europe, and mentions the next steps the University of Augsburg will be taking in the Rehap project.

Lars adds: “I hope the poster will successfully highlight some of the work we have been doing and I hope to get feedback from other professionals who might be working on the same, or doing similar things in this research field. The event is about meeting other people, seeing other presentations and other posters, but it’s also a great way to broaden your horizon in this field with new information and new input.”

The LCM conferences are one of the leading conference series worldwide in the field of environmental, economic and social sustainability, and a unique feature of the event is developing practical solutions for the implementation of life cycle approaches into strategic and operational decision-making.

The conference is for international decision-makers from science, industry, NGOs and public bodies to come together and work in the field of technology towards more sustainable solutions.