SPIRE – The Public Conference.

Between the 19th and 21st of September 2017 the Process Industry Conference, a SPIRE mid-term policy event, will be taking place in Brussels, Belgium. It is intended to gather all relevant stakeholders together for the European Process Industry.

The Public Conference –

On day one the Brokerage and thematic discussion meetings, which are usually reserved for A.SPIRE members, will be taking place. Although with this being such a highly publicised and anticipated event it has been decided it will be open to members of the public for the 19th of September only. After which, for the final two days, it shall revert to A.SPIRE members only.

Also within day one (19th) it shall be dedicated to picturing the future EU Process Industry and what can be implement if the appropriate investments and funds are met. In addition, the SPIRE projects’ day organisation will be included on this day, of which all SPIRE projects are invited to the pitching session

A Programme on the Conference will be distributed shortly.

Event Address: BluePoint Brussels business centre, Boulevard Auguste Reyers 80, 1030 Brussels, Belgium

For more information contact – info@spire2030.eu