Rehap has published an informative and fun factsheet to highlight some of the research and results currently developing, and taking a look at what lies ahead for the project.

The factsheet, the first in a series, explains some of the first publishable results from the project and is titled, “Assessing the availability of agroforestry residues”.

A brief description of what the project is doing was mentioned, before presenting a picture on how the project went about collecting the right data to understand which agriculture and forestry residues are available, and where, and how they can be used sustainably for the creation of bio-based construction materials.

The factsheet highlights the results and the next stage of the project, involving the development of a methodology tool to forecast the potential waste residues across the EU till 2030.

There will be more factsheets coming your way, so keep your eyes on the website. (You will be able to find them on the website under Publications).

Take a look at the factsheet by clicking the image below.